Happy Birthday Beanie

This crazy little munchkin is two years old today.


She is currently sulking because she sliced her pad a week ago (just like one year ago), and so she’s on restricted exercise and continual bandages (which she continually eats). She’s also pretty bald still. Where is your fluff, Rioli?

I cannot possibly put into words how much I adore this dog. She is wild and silly and gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Rio!

Rio 10weeks

Happy birthday to my amazing Riobean. I’m sorry you’re spending your birthday going stir crazy on cage rest.

Rio sliced her front pad last week and is on cage rest. It was a very deep but clean cut, so she had a GA last Tuesday and stitches, which promptly came out overnight. She went back in on Thursday and was sedated again, and the cut glued and bandaged. Unfortunately we had to set off for the Champs on Thursday so I had to leave her at the vets, to be cared for by my dad for the weekend. I got back on Sunday to find the cut wide open again.

I did not want to subject her to another sedation/GA, so we have left it open. It’s going to scar up but is healing, with the help of some manuka honey dressings.

Kind of a sucky birthday for Ri, but she’ll live. We’ve promised her a beach trip next week if she’s healed.

Rio 11 Months

Old Bones

Mollie is officially an old lady this month. She came home to us on 24th June 2004, and her age was estimated at between 2-5 years. This was not a helpful estimate, as you can imagine. Over the years we guessed that Mollie was at the top end of that scale when she reached us, and her teeth, eyes and bones have proved it to us since then.

All that means Mollie is 11 years old this year, and June seems as good a month as any for her to make the transition from 10 to 11.

She’s been limping slightly over the past couple of weeks, and upping her Yumove and resting her has only made a slight improvement. We popped her to the vets and the general assessment is just that Mol is an old lady, with old lady joints. To be more specific, one of her toes looks to have flattened out slightly, which means she’s walking flat on one paw instead of on her bouncy toes like she always has done. It’s probably a ligament or tendon that has stretched with age, and has reached a point now where she needs to walk differently. And her body hasn’t quite adjusted yet, so she’s occasionally limping.

Of course, nothing is going to stop her from running in Veterans this weekend at Midland Counties. Running Mollie in agility is just a unique experience. She tends to treat it as flyball, to be honest.

Birthday Boy

Dylan is a whole four years old today.

We celebrated by going for a nice long walk, on which I failed to get any good photos of Dylan at all.

Dylan is a whole four years old! Thankfully, there is this magical editing program, Photoshop. It’s amazing what can be salvaged! Most things can’t though. Imagine lots of blurred/overexposed/splashes of water where the dog isn’t actually visible kind of non-salvagable photos, and you’ll get the idea.

[singlepic id=104 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Birthday treat was that he was allowed to go swimming in Digley Res. He swims like a speedboat, and leaves a wake behind him. People could waterski on that.

The girls insisted on coming too of course.

[singlepic id=105 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Hey, remember that incision wound that just got the stitches removed and everyone said I had to absolutely not get wet or dirty under any circumstances? Yeah, I’m digging through the lake now.

[singlepic id=106 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Mol says nothing, she’s got some fluff to dry.


I thought Jet was due a birthday post all of her own, because she is to Katie what Kim is to me so I know what a special girl she is for her mum.

When Jet was a couple of months old she got a very serious disease and nearly died, and although nobody could really believe that Katie was going to lose the amazing, bouncy little pup she’d just brought home, it was beginning to look like there was no way to recover. But Jet proved then what an amazing little dog she really is, and survived and grew up to be a real one-in-a-million dog.

Not only is Jet gorgeous and cuddley and just lovely to have around, she’s an amazing multi-talented and enthusiastic competitor. Before her 2nd birthday she qualified and competed in Obedience at Crufts, and was sincerely told by a Championship handler that if Katie wanted her to, Jet could really go places in Obedience. But then Katie started Jet in her agility career and realised she had a potential superstar on her hands. I was lucky enough to get to compete with Jet at her first KC show and she placed 3rd despite not having her mum there. Several good agility handlers commented that Jet had bags of talent, enough to race up the Grades. But then Katie got into flyball, and Jet now runs with one of the top teams in the country and has got her Flyball Dog Advanced award before turning 3 years old. What more could you want?!

I can’t wait to see where Jet goes next because she’s one of my favourite little pooches, even though she has stumpy legs and extra skin and likes to pretend to be a Labrador. I know Katie will get the best out of Jetly because they are a perfect partnership, and I know they’re going to achieve just as much in the next three years.


(This is also a post to persuade Katie to get her arse in gear and enter some agility shows, because I want to see Jet running in Grade 5 next year where she belongs.)

Dylan's Blog – April

Dylan had an introduction to some proper agility equipment this week when the opportunity came up to go training at a friend’s house. She has a full-sized dog walk, amongst other things, so I let Dylan walk over it a few times and he was a confident little thing! No problems at all, although I kept him on the lead the entire time. We did it a couple of times in between doing some basic jumping exercises, which he loved. Right at the end we did a few run-ons to a target from the down ramp, which he did perfectly, so I couldn’t be happier! He worked over the jump exercises nicely too.

So that was his first proper training session! We worked for about an hour with Dylan and Jet, and then I did 10 minutes or so with Kim to make sure we would be ok for this weekend. We decided in the end not to take Dylan to EMDAC with us, although we might take him next time. I bought him a new frisbee and a (horrible!) pigs ear for his birthday, both of which he loved. I can’t believe he’s all grown up!