Long Summer

Excellent flyball training this past weekend, all the dogs worked extremely hard. Dylan still isn’t comfortable running with Norah but she’s not in his team this weekend so I am hopeful that he’ll be relaxed and happy about being in the ring.

Our official complaint to the BFA regarding the incident at Swallownest has been upheld. I’m not comfortable blogging about it really, except to say I’m extremely grateful to everyone who supported us through the decision to log the complaint, and to the BFA Disciplinary Committee for their prompt and decisive action. Although I’m relieved, I’m also a bit sad that it came to this. The dog belongs to a team we have respected and enjoyed racing against for years, and have had a good relationship with in the past. I hope they are able to acknowledge that this wasn’t a personal attack or similar. I also hope that the dog is not as stressed and afraid in the future.

Time to move on.

We took the dogs to Digley for a swim on Sunday, it was too hot to walk and Mollie was exhausted following her hard training on Saturday. I was prepared for once and took an empty plastic bottle with me to throw for them (fill it 1/4 with water and it’s brilliant), so they got a really good workout but stayed cool. We even managed to persuade Kim to swim a couple of metres! She still flails around quite a lot but she’s not as panicked as she used to be.

It was far too hot on Monday to do anything, so we’ve had a quiet week. Agility training as usual (I’ll blog about that seperately!) and we’re planning a long walk this morning which includes going somewhere completely new, and meeting a tiny puppy!

Kim gets her photo on this post because she does not get to meet the puppy. Her tolerance for puppies is currently hovering at -47, with likelihood to drop to -368 on actually meeting a puppy.

Sunny Day at the Lake

It was really very hot today. Hot = swimming! We took the dogs up to Digley just so they could spend all afternoon cooling off.

Intense Collie Stares = Tennis BallWell. Dylan and Mollie swam. Kim didn’t. She was bossy and neurotic and demanding about the ball being thrown, but then declined to go in and fetch it.

[singlepic id=166 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I’m hoping this weather breaks before the weekend, both Kim and Mollie are scheduled to do some agility at Midland Counties and I’d like to let them both run. If it’s too hot, they’re going to have to stay cool and bored in the car!

Northern Festival of Agility: Part Two

[singlepic id=158 w=320 h=240 float=center]


The beach at Redcar is gorgeous, all endless miles of sand and sea. Dylan and I spent a couple of hours there by ourselves earlier in the week, but the girls arrived on Thursday and Dylan was ridiculously excited to see them again so we spent all afternoon there.

[singlepic id=163 w=320 h=240 float=none]

Probably one of the few times you’ll spot me on camera; Mum took over camera duties whilst I tried to persuade Kim to swim. She didn’t, but she went much deeper than normal and didn’t flail like an idiot, so maybe her one and only hydro session did her some good.

Also, have I mentioned the weather? Because the weather. Wow. Every single picture looks bright and sunny and warm because it was.

Beach ShakeKim and Dylan on the Stray at RedcarHappy on the beach

Hoards of Killer Bees

Dylan in the heatherIt seemed like a good idea at the time. However. Walking through waist high banks of heather in spring? BEES. Bees everywhere. I got all of four pictures in the heather, before the hoards of angry bees began circling my head and we fled.

So we spent a lot of time at the river, avoiding the bees.

[singlepic id=127 w=320 h=240 float=center]

SoftThere were very few complaints, except perhaps by Kim. Kim spent the whole walk on lead, as she’s still supposed to be taking it easy after her chiro treatment at the weekend. We only argued two or three hundred times, it’s ok. She was not happy with the bees either, but I’m actually glad she was on the lead as she does try and eat them. Bees are not so down with that.

[singlepic id=131 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The dogs were actually very well behaved; there is a lot of livestock at the edges of the valley, but all well protected by walls and solid gates, and we avoided almost all of it. Dylan did spend a while desperately trying to herd chickens through a fence (chickens are the only think he will actually try to herd anyway. Anything bigger than a chicken in worrying). We also avoided unexpected horses, even Mollie! Mollie doesn’t do livestock, she barks too much, but she just trotted alongside the horses for a while and then came back.*

*I should probably mention that the horses didn’t care, the riders didn’t care, and I didn’t let her do this. But Mollie apparently has some horse sense … who knew?!

Birthday Boy

Dylan is a whole four years old today.

We celebrated by going for a nice long walk, on which I failed to get any good photos of Dylan at all.

Dylan is a whole four years old! Thankfully, there is this magical editing program, Photoshop. It’s amazing what can be salvaged! Most things can’t though. Imagine lots of blurred/overexposed/splashes of water where the dog isn’t actually visible kind of non-salvagable photos, and you’ll get the idea.

[singlepic id=104 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Birthday treat was that he was allowed to go swimming in Digley Res. He swims like a speedboat, and leaves a wake behind him. People could waterski on that.

The girls insisted on coming too of course.

[singlepic id=105 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Hey, remember that incision wound that just got the stitches removed and everyone said I had to absolutely not get wet or dirty under any circumstances? Yeah, I’m digging through the lake now.

[singlepic id=106 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Mol says nothing, she’s got some fluff to dry.