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    WAO Time

    Now I’ve got my rant for the week over with (see previous post), I can go back to thinking of fun things to do with Rio. Our goal this week is to go back and do some more motion sensitive stuff, maybe some more door-shutting stuff. We haven’t done anything like that in a while. Her tug/dead toy work is going well so we’ll keep working on that as well! She’s also doing much better on walks with Dylan, less flattening him and more getting on with being normal (as much as is possible for Ri!) She does seem to be a bit soft and sensitive at the moment (not…

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    Finally something other than rain! Rio’s puppy training day sadly got cancelled; the high winds and downpours made being around the equipment unsafe, and I’ll admit I didn’t much fancy going out when I saw the state of the weather on Sunday morning. Hopefully we can find another training day some time soon. Today we mooched around Digley, with all the dogs. It’s getting increasingly difficult to take them all out together, because Dylan and Rio are off on exploration mode, and old dogs have a tendency to get left behind. On the other hand, Dylan is improving so much in his interactions with other dogs (or lack of), that…

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    I want some snow, we have a lovely covering of heavy frost this morning and it really makes me want some proper winter weather. Rio and I have been working on her bringing toys to me this week. She’s very toy focused and loves interacting with me and tuggy, or chasing toys when I throw them, but wasn’t too keen on bringing them back. So that was our mission this week! She’s now bringing everything back to within a foot of me and either getting immediate tugs or a “leave” and then tug. Time to take that game on the road I think, we’ll try it at the park next…

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    [singlepic id=329 w=320 h=240 float=none] It’s pretty cold and miserable outside, and I get as bored as the dogs do indoors. So we play games! Search is the absolute favourite game, where I hide treats in the other room. I hold my hand cupped around the dogs’ noses, and they take a deep breath, and then get let lose to find the treats. But it gets a little competitive, these days. We can’t play all together any more, because things like vases and sofas tend to get overturned by the rampage. I’m not entirely sure Dylan gets the game, although he actually has the best nose of anyone and is…

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    Clicker Day

    It feels like this week has just flown by. I’ve been out every evening from Monday to Thursday, at work all day, and pre-occupied making decisions about other people’s dogs. I’ve been neglecting the dogs I do have, and I felt very guilty about it, so we had a fun hour playing some clicker games this evening, which we don’t do nearly as often as we used to. Kim worked on her “fetch the cauldron” trick. Kim is a little witch, so she needs a cauldron! We made huge progress on this today, she went from being a little bit hesitant to being totally confident and throwing the cauldron across…

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    Trick Training: Fetch My Hat

    Well, we learnt a fun new trick today! It’s called “Fetch My Hat”, and means Kim (or Dylan, whoever is there first) takes off my woolley hat, either off my head or off someone else’s head, and gives it to me. Dylan picked it up in about 10 minutes, but he’s quicker to offer new behaviours for the clicker and he’s always had a bit of a thing for hats anyway. Kim took a bit longer, we worked on it for 5 mins last night and she was super quick by the end, but she needs to feel it’s worth it. This morning she was a bit unsure, so we…

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    Growing Up

    Dylan and I had a lovely 20 minutes playing on the agility equipment last weekend – just a jump, a tyre and the single bottom part of the stretch. He’s so much more responsive than Kim is/was already, although he still gets a bit distracted! Especially since his gorgeous girlfriend Jet was there, supposedly practising her obedience for Crufts, but secretly just tempting my boy away. We’ve had a really good week this week; Dylan seems to have grown again, and he suddenly doesn’t look so much like a puppy anymore. We’ve been working on all our usual commands, and we’ve also mastered “heel” (left side) and “side” (right side),…

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    Dylan's Blog – Feb

    Dylan’s first snow! And we’ve had a lot more of it that expected. Not quite as bad as Wales or the Southern counties, but still a couple of inches more than we were predicted to have. Anyway, Dylan has had a fantastic time playing with the girls and generally being loopy, and he also thought this morning would be an excellent time to go chasing the ducks. So he came back from his walk dripping wet as he swum right out into the center of the res after the ducks, despite the water being absolutely freezing. He didn’t seem bothered though! Dyl was very chuffed with himself, and luckily he…

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    The weather has been so bad over the past few days, here as in the rest of Britain, so I haven’t been training outside. Agility training is a bit hard to do in the hallway, so we’ve just been working on little tricks and commands, to keep Dyl’s brain working. Over the past few days we’ve mastered “beg”, which is a bit over-enthusiastic at the moment! Dylan’s paws are enormous, and his beg doesn’t quite have the cute-factor that Kim’s does! We’ve also been working on “dead”, which is going quite well, providing there’s nothing to distract him. It’s hard to persuade a 9-month old Collie that lying very still…

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    Dylan's Blog

    We haven’t really been working on anything new this month, just improving what we already have. Lefts and rights are nailed, and target training is going really well. Plus all the basic obedience seems to have kicked off – finally! – too. His heelwork is getting nice, presents and finishes are good, and his stays are really improving too. He’s kind of got “dead” too, although my Dyl boy always looks suspiciously alive when he does it, usually because his tail is wagging. I have to say I’m really pleased because he’s learnt “catch” too. You wouldn’t believe how long this has taken to teach him – for some reason…

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