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  • Level Unlocked: Weaves

    Rio can weave! Well, she can do four upright poles, and that counts in my book. We’ll work on taking her to a full set of 6 this week, and then progress will slow down again as I don’t have room for 12weaves at home. Thus far, I’m pleased with how effective the 2×2 method […]

  • 2012 Review

    I didn’t have any goals for 2012, but it was an interesting year. It was not a subtle year, or a kind year, or a gentle year. I want a lot of things for 2013, but I hope they all come about in a softer way. I still don’t feel comfortable setting goals with Dylan, […]

  • Time Flies

    Where has the time gone since my last blog post?! I am very happy to report Rio’s target training is now rolling along at a good pace. I took it back to basics and we did some shaping, and she’s now double-front-paw hitting from any position. I’m not comfortable asking her for wall-turns, I don’t […]

  • Sutton Fields Sept 2012

    I love this tournament; my dogs and my team always seem to run well at Sutton Fields, and it’s always been my milestone tournament as well. Kim got her first sub-20 time in 2006, retired 2011, Dylan did his first Open 2008, Mollie retired 2012. Dylan got back to sub-20, 2012. Kim ran in Starters […]

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  • Bispham

    Our plan was to try and get to a beach sometime this bank holiday. It’s always a bit of a hassle; so few dog friendly beaches at this time of year, especially within 2 hours of us. We live pretty much in the centre of the country, it’s about the same distance to the East […]

  • Larden Green 2012

    This was such a fun tournament. I think everyone knows what an absolute Olympics fangirl I am, and I was gutted not to get tickets for our home games this year. Instead I’m glued to the television 24/7 watching all the coverage, so I was panicking going into this weekend knowing I would be missing […]

  • Epworth/Drax/DruridgeBay/Somewhere Flyball

    We were originally entered at Epworth, but then venue changes and tournament changes and we ended up running at Drax. The dogs got to compete and everyone was happy, and our top team actually won their division despite running a little slower than usual. The Starters came 4th (of 5). So happy to be running […]

  • Dogs Unleashed 2012

    Can’t believe this is our fourth year at this show! The first year we did it, at Newark, it was absolutely baking hot, and every year seems to have got slightly more damp. This year was a complete washout, I’m still amazed that they were able to go ahead with the show. Flyball ran on […]

  • Saturday Flyball

    Kim and Mollie’s Starter team is looking so good! We did some team training and a little head-to-head for Diva. Mollie was a Bad Dog because my mother wasn’t there running her, but thankfully she had an experienced handler to keep her in line! Kim is thrilled to be back at training, and I’m so […]